Summer Jobs Despite Covid-19

I built a 3 wheeled kit car called a Pembleton with my son, which we finished in 2008. We have taken it on many road trips and rallies both nationally and abroad. This is us at Prescott hill climb a few months after it was finished.

3 wheeled pemberton on the hill climb track going around a corner
On the hill climb

At this time of the year I go through the same ritual of getting the car ready for its MOT and carrying out maintenance and upgrades I have been planning over the winter. This time I want to get the bodywork cut back to a really brilliant shine, cutting through the patina that is forming. This basically involves autosol and old rags and hand polishing every square inch of the body. From a distance it looks good

But when you get close up, it is a different story!

The other jobs I want to sort out are changing the rear wheel to a radial tyre, fabricating some replacement headlamp / indicator brackets, fixing a mobile phone holder, making a foot well secure storage box and putting two skin patches on the rear hoop to strengthen the body tub.!

So far, I am about 10 hours into the clean-up and only finished the bonnet, both wings and one side of the aero screen skirt. But it is looking good.

Looking ahead to when we are back to getting out and about, I have picked up a copy of a 1962 Shell shilling guide to Herefordshire, which I will be using as a route planner for a St Peters drive and picnic. I am keen to see what, after almost 60 years is unchanged. That’s it for now, I will update you on my progress over the coming weeks and hope to see you all soon.

This picture is from last year’s Welsh National Rally (which I entered with my proposer), we won the 3 wheeler class, but unfortunately this year’s race in May has been postponed due to covid-19.

3 wheeled kit car called a Pembleton, silver in colour being driven on road
Pembleton on the road
Photos of a 3 wheeled kit car called a Pembleton, silver in colour
Pembleton starting to look good
Decorative closeup picture of mudguard and wheel in need to restoration work
Work to do on the mudguard
Photo showing the shiny mirrored bonnet of an old style car. Bonnet is held in place by straps.
Pembleton’s shiny bonnet

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