Caeruleum Club or Light Blues club shield. The shield has an inner shield in the centre of which are three lions rampant. The external border has 10 crosses around it.

The Caeruleum Club or Light Blues is a club for Freemasons within the Province of Herefordshire

The Caeruleum Club is for those Freemasons who have yet to receive Provincial Rank honours, to socialise, learn, and represent the views of the future generations of Freemasons.

Caeruleum Club History

photo of Nigel & Billy Russell at initial meeting of Light Blues Jan 2020

The Masonic province of Herefordshire is nestled on the English side of the Welsh border in beautiful rolling countryside. Many Provinces have what is known as a ‘Light Blue’ club – a club specifically aimed at engaging brethren who have yet to receive Provincial Rank honours, and as such still wear a light blue apron.

The Club’s aim is to develop and nurture light blue masons, helping them to enjoy their Freemasonry by visiting interesting and significant masonic buildings, organising trips to London Grand Lodge, providing an incubator for thought and debate, acting as a representative body for all light blue masons in the Province and fostering the bonds of brotherly love with regular social events aimed at newer and/or younger Freemasons.

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