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News and information from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire.

2 weeks ago
We wish our Provincial Grand Master & Most Excellent Grand Superintendent for Gloucestershire & Herefordshire a very happy birthday today. Many best wishes from the Province of Herefordshire. @DGLBMason @hfdslightblues @UGLE_GrandLodge PGLHerefords photo
2 weeks ago
We all have our own way of paying respects. Read about how one special group did it and much more in this months issue of The Craftsmen. @DGLBMason @GrahamCKing1 @hfdslightblues @HerefordVoice @UGLE_GrandLodge PGLHerefords photo


Find out about Freemasonry in Herefordshire – how to find out more about our Fraternity, who to contact for more information, how to join, and learn about some of the things we do.

1 month ago

The team have been busy again this month putting together the Craftsmen. It's filled with lots of different articles ranging from VC to WC and an English Country Garden. There are many more, which ... See more

3 months ago

The intrepid #Lodge2Lodge Challenge Team will be setting off from Loyal Hay Lodge in Hay-on-Wye at 8:45 this morning on the second and final day of their journey around Herefordshire visiting all the ... See more

3 months ago

Yes, we've had to wait a whole month for this issue of The Craftsmen and now it's here! It has a whole new layout full of interesting facts about Herefordshire and Freemasons Read it here on the ... See more


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