freemasonry in herefordshire

Freemasonry in Herefordshire dates back nearly 300 years. 

The first recorded account of a lodge meeting in Hereford was on 16th January 1727 at the Swan and Falcon Inn, Broad Street, Hereford. Freemasonry in Herefordshire has moved on a bit since 1727. We now embrace the internet and social media in our bid to show that Freemasonry is open to men who are 21 years old (in some cases 18 years old). Have a belief in a supreme being and do not have a criminal record. Interested in joining have a look at our How to Join Page.

All Freemasons believe in equality and fairness and this is never more true than in Herefordshire. We are inclusive in our approach to each other, and the communities we serve. We support and empower our members to contribute in their own individual and unique way. Above all we like to have fun – and care for our communities and local charities after all, we have been practicing for nearly 300 years.

Statue of Edward Elgar leaning against his bike looking at Hereford Cathedral

Masonic lodges across the county of herefordshire

There are currently 15 Masonic Lodges meeting across Herefordshire, with approximately 540 members. 7 lodges meet in Hereford, and the others in the market towns of Kington, Leominster, Bromyard, Hay on Wye, Ross on Wye and Ledbury. Lodges usually meet of an evening with the ‘season’ starting in September or October and generally meeting monthly until May. Herefordshire Lodge Locations

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