Pete White – Delivers Doctors

Pete White standing next to a Doctors Car
Pete delivers Doctor

Pete White, is a mason and a member of Herefordshire 4×4 Response . They are a self-funded group of just over 50 individual 4×4 owners. They provide backup in adverse weather conditions to the local community. During the heavy snow conditions in March 2018 the group provided transport for the NHS. Mainly ferrying doctors and nurses from their homes to the hospital and back. More recently they helped with the evacuation of nursing homes and transported care staff during the floods. With the onset of COVID-19, they were approached by Taurus to help transport doctors on home visits to sick patients for assessment. Pete is one of five working from 10am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday carrying out this essential and potentially lifesaving work. The group are spread all over the county. Peter is currently driving a doctor around seeing patients, helping with PPE and keeping the car clean, and stocked. Other duties include delivering vital PPE to surgeries around the county.

Please help Herefordshire 4×4 Response by donating to their JustGivingPage

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