Help on the front line

Brethren, this week the Senior Warden of Cantilupe Lodge witnessed over 1100 people being vaccinated at Millennium Point in Birmingham.

The grace, calmness and gratitude of our senior members of the population was a joy to see. The elderly who were a mix of the ‘over 80’s’ and the vulnerable, had responded to their summons and made their way to the vaccination centre, some had travelled 2 hours to get there! 

They all lined up to be processed and then slowly shuffled forward step by step without complaint or scowl. Once seated, they sat waiting their turn. You could see them watching the vaccinators working hard, and when they caught your eye, they smiled again with warmth and gratitude. I saw old men cry as they received their vaccinations, I saw couples holding each others hands with joy as they left after being jabbed. 

I found it immensely moving to be part of this.

This activity is rolling out across the country at pace and I am delighted to see Hereford stepping up its vaccination program. Please do get vaccinated when called, it is so important. Keep the faith all, relief is coming.

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