Vennture on the Streets of Hereford

Herefordshire Freemasons received a plea to provide financial support for Vennture Street Pastors in their work with distressed individuals on the night-time streets of Hereford. Vennture are funded totally by grants and donations and as with many voluntary organisations a significant number of their funding streams have dried up, particularly in the light of Covid-19, and are in need of help.

Vennture are engaging with new ways of helping the local community at this extraordinary time and are actively involved with the newly housed homeless.

Mrs Carol Williams of Vennture stated, “As our Vennture staff and volunteers seek to work alongside the vulnerable and often poverty stricken, the kindness of the Herefordshire Masonic Charity Association, warms our hearts and encourages us to continue.” The £1,000 donated by Herefordshire Freemasons will go towards helping our dynamic Street Pastors and Lean on Me teams love people better in the night-time economy.

Vennture in Action on the Streets

Below is a short summary of Venntures activities in the county, for more information see their website here.
Click below to watch an interview with Ester Rudge.

Ambassadors – in the daytime Vennture uniformed Ambassador volunteers provide a calm, reassuring presence on the streets. Currently they are growing this presence in Hereford and the market town of Leominster.

Working in pairs, they care for the vulnerable, visit lone working shop keepers, provide tourist information as well as provide ‘a responsive capability’ to the city and town centre CCTV team.

Street Pastors – in the night-time economy street pastor teams work with local door staff to keep young people safe. They are there to listen, care and help. The teams deploy to the streets on Friday and Saturday nights and Bank Holiday Sundays.

The volunteer Patrols work in teams of 3 – a team leader, trained first aider, and a buddy responsible for recording the team’s engagements.

Lean on Me was developed with volunteer medics from the local garrison. It reduces unnecessary demand on local Ambulance services and A&E. The programme trains local sixth formers in street triage – accurately assessing those who are inebriated and supervising their recovery.

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