The Winner Gets His Malt

Herefordshire’s Senior Mason, Michael Holland met up with Peder Nielsen at Fromes Hill to carry out a social distanced presentation of the first prize for the Provincial Gardening Competition. At the Hop Pocket were (L) John Pudge the secretary of St Peter’s Lodge, (C) Michael Holland and our prize winner (R) Peder Nielsen with his bottle of single malt.

Peder Said “Surprise is an overused word but upon this particular occasion it was used in its right context. Having entered this competition on a whim at the very last moment I really was a surprised to find I had been announced as the winner. Yes, it was hard work at the time but then again there was little one could do outside of one’s home during “lockdown”. Whilst it’s very nice sitting down there on a sunny evening with the cold G & T’s the thought of a dram of single malt really does appeal so here’s a shot of me having a shot of prize in my special Masonic firing glass in my den.

My thanks to all those who were involved in the organising of this event and my good wishes to all those who took part.”

Graham King presented the runners up prizes to Paul Sabel

and to Glyn Edmunds, somehow the bear managed to photobomb the proceedings with Glyn, now where did he come from?

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