The Craftsmen Dec Edition

This months edition of the Craftsmen looks at the Freemasons Annual Cathedral Service. The service was originally planned for June, but had to be postponed until November this year.

How the Freemasons commemorated Remembrance Day around the county. Why the poppy is it used to remember the fallen. The story behind WW1 Tributes. Almost immediately the guns fell silent in 1918, the troops began to return to their homes. Many of their home towns felt proud of them and wanted to acknowledge their service to the country. Read the full story behind the tributes.

Eastnor Lodge charity lunch, find out what it was all about in this months Craftsmen. We also have a section on the Annual impact statement from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Not forgetting our regular features Would I know, Did I know? Did you manage to find where I was last month, maybe you will be able to find out where I am this month? and lastly Fun and Games with T@3.

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