Provincial Gardening Competition – Winners

Many thanks to all those brethren who submitted entries to the Provincial Gardening Competition 2020.  When we suggested this competition, we were uncertain as to whether people would respond in any number.  However, we have been encouraged by the number of participants and by their efforts.  We feel and hope that, if people would like to do this again, we are more than willing to run a similar event next year. We would probably have a different theme as this year’s subject was all about what people had been doing during the Covid 19 Lockdown. I would like you to think about next year and what a possible theme could be. So have a think and contact me with any ideas.

This year we received a total of 19 entries, all of a very good quality and covering many aspects of this summer’s unusual circumstances. Covid 19 certainly changed many things and the way we approach daily life.
The high standards of each entry certainly set our judges a difficult challenge to select the winners, many hours were spent deliberating and they finally selected the three prize winners.

1st Prize Bro Peder Nielsen – St Peters Lodge Bromyard

2nd Prize W Bro Paul Sabel – Dean Waterfield Lodge Hereford

3rd Prize W Bro Glyn Edmunds – Vitruvian Lodge Ross-on-Wye

I will contact the winning brethren to arrange a suitable time for the delivery of their prizes after the Bank Holiday. Once again many thanks to all who participated stay safe and well, let’s hope we can all be together once again in our Lodges restrictions permitting very soon.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

VW Bro Graham King
Deputy Provincial Grand Master

1st Place

Thanks to C-19 Job Done!! Forget the Lost Gardens of Heligan this was “The Lost Garden of Bromyard”. Two years of untouched shrubbery came into view once a hidden path was discovered. It all had to be cleared if one was to enjoy an evening snifter in the retiring sun. Ahhh bliss,(and bliss-ters), cheers.

Word count 54 Bro Peder Nielsen – St Peter’s Lodge 7368

2nd Place

The border was looking extremely dry and the bamboo was starting to invade other parts of the garden despite it being in a pot. My wife and I decided to dig it out, no easy task considering we planted the bamboo 12 years ago in an 80 ltr pot. When digging out the bamboo it had crept over the edge of the pot and put up shoots 4 ft away. So, with a lot of grunting and moaning we prized the pot out. We laid leaky hose all along the bed which has given it a new lease life.

Word count 99 WBro Paul Sabel – Dean Waterfield Lodge 8089

3rd Place

My favourite spot in the garden is the raised patio area outside my back door.  From here I can see the flower beds, vegetable garden and onwards into the Wye Valley landscape.
We spend a lot of time in the garden, especially during lockdown and it serves three purposes.
Vegetables which make us 80% self-sufficient. 
Flowers that my wife cuts for use in the house, to give to the local church and friends
Somewhere to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours and view the surrounding countryside.
In the images you can see the view and our vegetable patch

Word count 100 WBro Glyn Edmunds – Vitruvian Lodge 338

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