Provincial Garden Competition – See the Entries

The submissions for the gardening competition are all in and the judges, RW Bro Rodney Smallwood PPGM and Mrs Christine Holland the wife of RW Bro Michael Holland our Provincial Grand Master have a very hard job to do sorting out from the diverse selection below 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All that was needed to enter, was a brief description of how you have used your time wisely during lockdown to create your favourite spot in the garden and a couple of pictures showing this in all its glory. Who would you pick?

Entry 01

Having moved into our new self-built bungalow in the rear of our old garden I was faced with the challenge of producing a new ,ideally low maintenance garden, ( without neglecting my good wife who was recovering from a serious accident)
Hence attached is a photo In early April and then one today. (i.e. before and after)
This was a difficult challenge due to Garden Centre closures during early Lockdown when I not only had to prepare/ improve the soil condition but plant and sow ready for the Spring season. 
The second photo is as of today 2nd July showing what can be done in such a short time frame with no distractions when you effectively IN JAIL! And No Masonic Meetings (sadly)
Table and chairs are also available for a make-believe Festive Board comprising Bar-B-Q
To accommodate 7 or more Masons to make it Perfect!

Word count 147 WBro David Knowles – Delphis Lodge 7769

Entry 02

Unusual Spring Flowers.   I established this small pond at the end of autumn, surrounding it with Cotswold stone, and this spring I have worked on adding more flowers that are suitable for damp areas.  The snakes head fritillaries were in the bed previously but we moved the bulbs, and, hey presto didn’t they make a show.
A Thousand Little Faces.   Just before lockdown we managed to buy three half barrels to stand in the front of our house.   We then bought the compost and small plants to fill them, and every time we pass, there they are, looking at us.  At first I tried dead heading them, but that got impossible.  I have said “We”, because I must include my wife, as she is the real gardener.   She used to be a very dedicated craft worker, but failing eyesight has meant that gardening is her last real hobby.

Word count 148 WBro Allan Flexman – Arrow Lodge 2240

Entry 03

I had a completely rotten decking area.  I removed it and have replaced it with the attached photos.

One picture is the decking when first completed and the other with the pergola and seating.

Word count 34
WBro Tim Bridgland-Taylor – Dean Waterfield Lodge 8089

Entry 04

I added this garden seat arbour to replace a rotten seat.

Word count 11
WBro Tim Bridgland-Taylor – Dean Waterfield Lodge 8089

Entry 05

Pictures taken today (14.07.20) of our garden at The Hollies, Clifford’s Mesne.
Garden has been developed over the last 20 years by my wife Christine and myself.
Mainly perennial shrubs, trees and flower beds. Major problem is rabbits!

Word count 38
WBro John Mole – Ariconium Lodge 8868

Entry 06

Some more pictures taken today (14.07.20) of our garden at The Hollies, Clifford’s Mesne.
Garden has been developed over the last 20 years by my wife Christine and myself.
Mainly perennial shrubs, trees and flower beds. Major problem is rabbits!

Word count 40
WBro John Mole – Ariconium Lodge 8868

Entry 07

A Tree in a grassy yard

Word count 6
WBro John Mole – Ariconium Lodge 8868

Entry 08

February- Start of the six nations- fingers crossed for next year, and the start of my gardening year.
Outcome the tubs for the first early potatoes. (Tubs are easier to protect against late frost).
Outcome the Geraniums and Begonias from the shed into the greenhouse and plug in the propagator.
The long hot spells meant we had the flowering early, and produced bumper Strawberries, Raspberries and Rhubarb.
The Cherries- even after the Blackbirds, we had ample for Cherry Brandy, Cherry Vodka and Gin- even froze a few.
Some sunny days and the Gooseberries will be ripe, might make some Gooseberry Champagne. H’mm need some empty Prosecco bottles first.

Word count 108 WBro Neil May – Cantilupe Lodge 4083

Entry 09

Barbeque house
Many jobs were done the garden during Covid lockdown. The barbeque was always stuck in places where always seemed to be in the way.
When looking around the ideal place seemed to be on the side of the mini dwelling, so there it is never built one before.

Word count 50 WBro Malcolm Davies – Vaga Lodge 3146

Entry 10

My garden has to be productive, I have 30 fruit trees, 4 types of nuts trees and vegetables – my wife is in charge of flowers except when it comes to any heavy work.
This year lockdown has allowed a little more time, so I set out to grow a few more unusual varieties like purple French climbing beans, multi coloured Swiss chard, green tipped yellow courgettes, and a bright orange squash.
Who needs flowers when the veg patch is has that much colour and they all taste brilliant!
I don’t say I have the most tidy garden but this time of year we always are self-sufficient in vegetables and so are most of my neighbours.

Word count 116 WBro Alastair Ross – Vitruvian Lodge 338

Entry 11

My favourite spot in the garden is the raised patio area outside my back door.  From here I can see the flower beds, vegetable garden and onwards into the Wye Valley landscape.
We spend a lot of time in the garden, especially during lockdown and it serves three purposes.
Vegetables which make us 80% self-sufficient. 
Flowers that my wife cuts for use in the house, to give to the local church and friends
Somewhere to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours and view the surrounding countryside.
In the images you can see the view and our vegetable patch

Word count 100 WBro Glyn Edmunds – Vitruvian Lodge 338

Entry 12

This is a picture of the inner garden at my home in Frome Court, Bartestree, Hereford.
While I am living in Hereford, I sit here every morning for a while.
My thoughts for the photo are ‘COMMIT THY WORK TO GOD’.
I have not forgotten you Paul, we just have not seen each other for many years!

Word count 57 WBro Paul G Hurwood – Coningsby Lodge 6383

Entry 13

Here is a picture from the garden that I work in, it takes me about 3 weeks to prune and tie in but I think it’s well worth it!

Word count 29 WBro Jez George – Arrow Lodge 2240

Entry 14

Thanks to C-19 Job Done!! Forget the Lost Gardens of Heligan this was “The Lost Garden of Bromyard”. Two years of untouched shrubbery came into view once a hidden path was discovered. It all had to be cleared if one was to enjoy an evening snifter in the retiring sun. Ahhh bliss,(and bliss-ters), cheers.

Word count 54 Bro Peder Nielsen – St Peter’s Lodge 7368

Entry 15

Here are two photos from our garden taken yesterday (09.08.2020).
1. The garden with this years planting.
2. The Rockery with this years Red Hot Pokers

Word count 26 WBro Peter Denbeigh – Royal Edward Lodge 892

Entry 16

A curious neighbour sniffing the roses before snacking

Further along the garden fence, the curious neighbour has yet to work his way down

Word count 23 Bro John Roberts – St Peter’s Lodge 7368

Entry 17

Not for me a competition- more a search for tranquillity. And the second photo is a cut flower bed inspired by a visit to Baddesley Clinton last summer. One of our favourite National Trust properties.

Word count 35 Bro Charles Almond – Palladian Lodge 120

Entry 18

A project during lockdown. Rather than throw this old lantern away I decided to try and refurbish it. In all the project took three weeks to dismantle, sand down all the components. Paint and then reassemble. It now stands on the patio with some lovely home-made candles. Couldn’t use real ones as they kept melting in the sun! Very proud of my little project.

Word count 64 WBro Paul Sabel – Dean Waterfield Lodge 8089

Entry 19

The border was looking extremely dry and the bamboo was starting to invade other parts of the garden despite it being in a pot. My wife and I decided to dig it out, no easy task considering we planted the bamboo 12 years ago in an 80 ltr pot. When digging out the bamboo it had crept over the edge of the pot and put up shoots 4 ft away. So, with a lot of grunting and moaning we prized the pot out. We laid leaky hose all along the bed which has given it a new lease life.

Word count 99 WBro Paul Sabel – Dean Waterfield Lodge 8089

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