Play Safe at Burghill Community Academy

Herefordshire Freemasons have been called into action to help the children of Burghill Community Academy play safe. With a donation of £1,500 which was match funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Freemasons’ charity, thus providing £3,000 for the school. The funds will help head teacher Mr Alex Davies set in motion two summer building projects. One to rejuvenate and relocate the climbing wall and the other to install a playhouse for the younger children of the school. 

The request for help for the school was initiated by Vicky Ancell, Chair of Friends at Burghill School (FABS), Hereford who wrote to the Herefordshire Freemasons asking for their support.

Burghill Community Academy, incorporating Muddy Boots Nursery, is a small, friendly, village school with just under 100 pupils aged 3-11 years. Click here to find out more about the school.

The FABS fundraising goal for this academic year was to raise £10,000 to improve the outside space of the school, which would involve improving, extending and making safe the existing outdoor play areas. It was hoped that the work would take place during the 2O2O school summer holidays with many members of the school community offering to help with the less skilled tasks.

In order to achieve the target, FABS planned a whole host of exciting fundraisers throughout the year including a festive quiz night, beetle drive, pancake sale, Halloween disco, break the rules day, movie night and many, many more events. However, as with many other fundraising events around the country Covid-19 has put a stop to the vast majority of fund-raising including those planned for Burghill Community Academy.

Vicky Ancell stated that they are very fortunate at Burghill to have on active PTFA and enthusiastic parents, friends and staff to help out. Having said that, £10,000 is a lot of money to raise in a year and any additional donations would be gratefully received.

Hearing the plea from the FABS Herefordshire Freemasons felt that the children of Burghill Community Academy should not suffer as a result of Covid-19 and so offered to help.

Mr Davies said that without the help of Herefordshire Freemasons the summer projects would have been in jeopardy and may well have had to wait until next year. Click on the banner below to see Mr Davies comments on the donation.

FABS is a registered charity Number: 1152718

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