NHS Workers Day – 5th July

The 5th July 2021 will see Freemasons throughout England and Wales leading the worlds ‘first’ celebration of NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day.
It will be a unique and special day dedicated to the NHS, Social Care and those that work on the frontline, workers who have saved so many lives during the pandemic and also to remember those workers we sadly lost too.

NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day is the brainchild of Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR, a Pageant master who has 38 years of experience of organising national and international events, including those linked with Royal Jubilees and other historic occasions, who owes so much to those from within the NHS and those on the Frontline who have provided him with so such care and affection during periods of illness, so wanted to create an annual event on the 5 July each year, providing ‘thanks’ to those that work within the NHS, Social Care and on the Frontline, and to launch this day at 10am each year, a special flag has been produced that will be raised by our members who come from all walks of life, to LEAD this unique day of ‘thanks celebration and commemoration to those that have sadly lost their lives during the current Covid Virus ’ and to those that give so much 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any thought of their own safety.

NHS Workers Day Flag

The Freemasons of Herefordshire will be taking part in this special day and joining in with the celebrations as follows
10:00 Raise the NHS flag
11:00 Last post and two min silence
13:00 Toast to the NHS

There will be additional activities taking place at various masonic halls around Herefordshire, we let you have further information as and when it is available.

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