Members’ Online Communications Toolkit

The past six months have seen considerable challenges for all of us, and not least in how we communicate with each other. Below is the Online Communications Toolkit from UGLE which has some great practical tips and advice for both newcomers to online communications and experienced old hats. Despite the general suspension of Freemasonry being lifted in July this year by UGLE, many of us are unable to resume what we would recognise as our normal masonic activity, and for us keeping in touch with our family, friends, and our fellow brethren is absolutely vital. The ability to be able to do this online makes it simpler and quicker, but also keeps us safe. The goal is for this “Online Toolkit” to assist and help those who are not conversant in the “new world” methods of communication, to stay in touch and know that they are not on their own, or alone. A printed version of the booklet is now available from your Lodge Secretary to help those who are not yet online. The toolkit can also be downloaded below, by clicking “Online Toolkit” or the image below.