Going for Bald

Chris Holt is a member of Coningsby Lodge and is also a key worker with Western Power Distribution, ensuring that the lights stay on! Has found three great causes and reasons to go for a sponsored head shave!!

Chris said “I have never been brave enough to have my head shaved – I am worried in case it never grows back, and I still worry that it may not! However, I think in this great time of crisis where there are many people suffering due to the virus, many people losing jobs, businesses being lost, so losing all my hair is simply a minuscule worry in comparison. So in order to help out a couple of causes close to my heart, I would like to help by having my head shaved for the first time ever, and a few pounds from each of you to encourage me to do it will be very much appreciated by each of the beneficiaries…..”

Please help support these causes by giving whatever you can afford to give, via the JustGivingPage remembering every little helps however small the donation, it will be very gratefully received and thankfully applied.

Thanks, in anticipation of your support! ?

The causes:

The NHS requires as much financial help as we can possibly give at the moment from us all, they are doing this country proud every moment of every day, putting their own lives at risk to help everyone.

The Herefordshire 2020 Festival the Masonic Charitable Foundation is missing donations from its members, due to the lockdown many of our functions have been cancelled. Our Festival raises vital funds towards supporting Royal College of Surgeons developing ground-breaking surgery & other good causes. I hope that this will help to recoup some lost funds.

Holy Trinity Whitecross requires a great deal of money to keep it maintained in a good state of repair. Aside from normal running costs, there are a number of projects that are in need of completion, one of which is the resurfacing of the car park adjacent, which is also frequented by many people using the children’s nursery at the rear, visitors to local Tesco, and the Herefordshire Musical Theatre Company next door in the hall. Repair of the poor surface will benefit many people of the local community who use the site on a regular basis.

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