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Eastnor Lodge No 751

Eastnor Lodge meets eight times a year on the third Wednesday in January (Installation), February, March, April, May, October, November and December at the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury.

Eastnor Lodge room at the Feathers HotelIt is the third oldest Lodge in the Masonic Province of Herefordshire. Official records attribute the Founding Petitioner as Vitruvian Lodge although the signatories were drawn from members of both Vitruvian and Palladian as well as several other Brethren from the Province of Monmouthshire. The Provincial Grand Master R W Bro Reverend Dr. Joseph Bowles was advised of the proposition of forming a Lodge in Ledbury and on the 20th September 1858, Provincial Grand Lodge met at the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury and consecrated Eastnor Lodge No. 1053.

In September 1863 the Lodge was given its present number 751 under the revision carried out by Grand Lodge.

The need for a permanent Masonic Hall had been discussed for a few years in the latter part of the 19th Century. Hitherto the Lodge had met mainly at The Feathers Hotel, the Drill Hall or the Royal Hall at The Royal Oak Hotel. In 1881 the minutes record that the Lodge was transferred to Mr. Gardner's room at the back of Eastnor Lodge bannerManchester House, 9 High Street, Ledbury at an annual rental of 14 pounds. It was not until 1933 that a permanent Masonic Hall was realised.

In 1893, W Bro  Thomas Hill presented the Lodge with its first banner which now hangs proudly above the entrance stairs in the Feathers Hotel. The banner is emblazoned with the arms of Viscount Eastnor from whom the Lodge took its name. It represents the Somers-Cocks family who aspired to Eastnor Castle in earlier times. The motto is Prodesse Quam Conspice  - Progress without conspicuousness.

In September 1933 the Royal Hall behind the Royal Oak Hotel, Ledbury was bought for a sum of £600, of which £360 was paid directly from Lodge funds and the remainder from loans by members.

Centenary Celebrations were held on 15th October 1958 when the members of the Lodge together with Provincial Grand Lodge processed in full regalia to attend a Thanksgiving Service at St. Michael's Church, Ledbury, followed by a formal Lodge meeting when the original Warrant dated 12th June 1858 was read.

In 2005 the Royal Hall and Masonic Temple were sold to pay off loans from members and legal fees incurred by a dispute with the owner of the Royal Oak Hotel, and after a short period of time at Bromesberrow Village Hall, Eastnor Lodge has now returned to its spiritual home at the Feathers Hotel where the 150th Anniversary Celebration was held on the 20th September 2008.