Delphis Lodge Donates to 5 Charities

                  Delphis Donate to Local Charities. 

On the 30th June David Knowles (Charity Steward of Delphis) organised a Charity Morning to pass on donations to 5 Herefordshire Local Charities, to assist with their recoveries from the Covid pandemic.

Delphis Charity presentation to Five Charities
Delphis Charity Steward presentation to the 5 Charities

Each charity took the opportunity to outline their Organisation’s facilities and shared networking between each other which they appreciated.

Richard Cutler the Master of Delphis Lodge, and David Knowles (Charity Steward) welcomed each charity. David then went on to explain about Delphis Lodge and then the larger picture of The Charitable giving which comes direct from Freemasons pockets, e.g.  Local Lodges, primarily in Herefordshire as well as our Nationally Donations via The Masonic Charity Foundation (MCF) who donated £90 Million over the last 5 yrs to worthy causes.

Each charity then outlined how it will spend their respective donations in the months ahead:

St Michaels Hospice £1000

Ashley Winter said will be using this to build a new Therapy Conservatory (which is now in planning Stages) that will allow easy access for wheel chairs etc. They are finding more patients respond to outside facilities such as gardening very beneficial to their wellbeing. For more information

Yeleni Therapy & Support £1000

Nicky Heath explained how the demand for treatment had increased following the closure of Breast Haven in Hereford and today they offer Free Treatment to all cancer patients. During Covid however they had found a way to help the public at large by launching new On-Line facilities, improving the wellbeing of many clients without existing issues. This money will be spent to help continue this additional on-line facility. For more Information

Riding for the Disabled David Harding at Delphis Charity presentation
David Harding – Riding for the Disabled

Riding for the Disabled £1000

David their Chairperson, said they were currently celebrating their 30yr anniversary and how they are working hard to move premises following a donation from a Trust Foundation. They are working with Planners to move to Llangrove (near Ross on wye) in the next 2 years which will allow them to reduce their costs and make alteration/improvements which they cannot today due to being in rented premises. Our donation will help to assist their on-going free of charge facilities to adults and children. For more information

They appreciated the long-term support they have received from Delphis Lodge and Local Freemasons in particular.

Alzheimer’s Society Hereford Group

Tracy Crum, a volunteer in Hereford, explained how the demand on the support they provide has multiplied since and during the Pandemic, to such an extent that they are now having to train far more Dementia Support Advisors. They have just sent a selection of possible councillors etc to Worcester for Dementia training, and our donation will be spent on that project. She said there are currently 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is rising by 100K per year. In Hereford they already have 3135 clients with Dementia who they try to support at home. A new shocking statistic is that more than 1 in 10 people living with the condition will go into long-term care unnecessarily due to a lack of support and awareness of where to go for help! For more information

Mind (Hereford)

David Harding explained that they are an Independent Local Charity registered within Hereford, although from time to time they co-ordinate with the National Organisation. This means they do make important Local decisions on what our specific needs are, so they can focus on these. They are open 24/7 365 days/yr.  and need to fund their organisation locally. For more information

After the donations were made by Delphis Master, Richard Cutler, an abbreviated presentation of The history of our Kyrle St Masonic Temple was given by David Knowles (Charity Steward) which was well received by all.

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