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Freemasons Annual Report

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has launched its first annual report, in its 300 year history, marking another major step forward in its commitment to modernisation, transparency and normalization. The annual report includes the new mission statement, which sits alongside the UGLE’s four key values of integrity, respect, friendship and charity. In addition, a recent study found that 75% of Freemasons take part in civic or charitable activities, compared to only 31% of non-Freemasons, in a matched geodemographic …

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NHS Workers Day – 5th July

The 5th July 2021 will see Freemasons throughout England and Wales leading the worlds ‘first’ celebration of NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day.It will be a unique and special day dedicated to the NHS, Social Care and those that work on the frontline, workers who have saved so many lives during the pandemic and also to remember those workers we sadly lost too. NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day is the brainchild of Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR, …

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Help the Air Ambulance

A call to action from W Bro Nick Swan. As I’m sure you are aware the Midlands Air Ambulance helicopters and crews have been just as busy as ever during the pandemic – therefore the amount they need to fundraise has not fallen!The Midlands Air Ambulance has been running for 30 years and to commemorate their Air30 anniversary year, they have launched the Air 30 Rapid Response Raffle, with an amazing top prize of £3,000, plus lots of additional cash …

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Freemasons Care For Carers

We have all been suffering as a result of the pandemic, but what about the hidden army of unpaid carers both young and old? It cannot be denied they are nothing, if not resilient, and they’ve had their resilience tested over the past year for sure. But the Herefordshire Carers have stayed as positive as they can, continuing to meet up in virtual ways and sometimes physically as well, keeping their sense of humour and supporting each other throughout these challenging months.  The …

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Amazon Smile – Free Fundraising

A quick note on the success of our fundraising for our last major campaign using the easyfundraising app to earn free donations for our charity every time you shop online, Chris Holt has now set up an Amazon Smile account to add additional free donations to the Herefordshire Masonic Charity Association every time you purchase from Amazon. Getting set up for the free donations is really quite simple, just follow the steps below, and you will be fundraising for free in …

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Herefordshire Young Carers Club

We are all suffering as a result of the pandemic, unfortunately our young carers more than others. They are the youngsters caring for a family member with an illness, disability, mental health issue or problem with drugs or alcohol. It is estimated that there are up to 4000 Young Carers in Herefordshire. Herefordshire Young Carers Club (HYCC) a local organisation is doing their best to support these young carers. Research indicates that the average age of these young carers is …

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Help on the front line

Brethren, this week the Senior Warden of Cantilupe Lodge witnessed over 1100 people being vaccinated at Millennium Point in Birmingham. The grace, calmness and gratitude of our senior members of the population was a joy to see. The elderly who were a mix of the ‘over 80’s’ and the vulnerable, had responded to their summons and made their way to the vaccination centre, some had travelled 2 hours to get there!  They all lined up to be processed and then slowly shuffled forward …

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Parking Support For Severn Freewheelers

Due to the pandemic the Herefordshire Freemasons have been approached by the Severn Freewheelers, a volunteer group who deliver blood and other emergency equipment for the NHS both in and out of working hours to park their Skoda Yeti vehicle in their rear car park, so it is near the hospital ready for action. Although Severn Freewheelers normally use motorcycles for their work, Hereford has been allocated the Yeti so their service can continue to operate when weather and/or road …

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Eastnor’s Success in 2020

Eastnor Lodge No. 751 members have been very busy during the last months of 2020 and have made several donations through the Lodge’s Charitable Trust to assist Herefordshire based organisations. These were identified by the Lodge Charity Steward and the Worshipful Master (elected leader of the Lodge) in conjunction with all members. The concern of the members was mainly concentrated on groups serving the community in the fields of support for children and young adults, families, blue light services veterans, …

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Hereford Food Bank

Following a further donation to the Hereford Food Bank the senior Freemason in Herefordshire, Michael Holland met with Jacquie Alsop to see how they were coping during the run up to Christmas. We know that the majority of the £6,000 that the Herefordshire Freemason have donated during the year has gone towards purchasing food supplies, but they also needed some essential equipment to help with the efficiency of the administration behind suppling food to those that need it.

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